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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Khmer Chess - Counting Rules

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When neither side has any pawns the game must be completed within a certain number of moves or it is declared a draw. When a piece is captured the count starts again from scratch only if it is the last piece of one side in the game.

When neither side has any pawns left mate must be achieved in 64 moves. The one who is in disadvantage will be the one who will do the counting. He or she may stop counting whenever he or she favors. If the disadvantage side checkmates the advantage side and did not stop counting , the game will be declared a draw.

When the last piece that is not King of the disadvantage side is captured, the count restart from regular counting and the stronger side is now given a count value based on the pieces it has left:

At least two boats (Touk): 8 moves

At least boat (Touk): 16 moves

At least two pillars (Koul): 22 moves

At least one pillar (Koul): 44 moves

At least two horses (Ses): 32 moves

At least one horse (Ses): 64 moves

Only queens (Neang) left: 64 moves

From these starting values, subtract 1 for each piece on the board. The resulting number is how many moves the stronger side has to win, otherwise the game becomes a draw. Once the players have reached this point, there is no count restarts unless one side had stopped counting and would like to start counting again.

For example, if white has 2 boats (Touk) and 1 horse (Ses) against alone black king, he has 3 moves to checkmate his opponent (the given value of 8 minus the total number of pieces, 5). If black captures a white boat (Touk), the count does not restart.

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  1. The difficult is too checkmate with Horse and queen., in 44 moves.More difficult than chess.


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